• Kawach

    Godrej Security Solutions offers Kawach, a safe designed to deliver optimum safety and added security. It is a perfect solution to store cash and valuables in over-the-counter transactions at banks and financial institutions.
    With a double walled structure, this safe not only provides robust protection against theft of all kinds but also provides superior protection as compared to ordinary wooden storage units.

  • D-Tel Plus Depository Cabinet

    Godrej with its 100 plus years’ experience in designing banking security products, introduces D-Tel Plus depository cabinet with snap shut mechanism.
    Designed to help businesses handle and store cash effortlessly, the drawers of the cabinet can be shut with a simple push, a feature which is enabled by a high precision lock. The drawers can then be opened only with the help of a key. It’s unique design makes handling and storing cash effortless and also provides immense security.

  • Matrix Depository Safes

    Matrix Depository Safe is one of the strongest safes amongst our wide range of products. It is specially designed with a depository drawer that comes with an anti-fishing and snap shut mechanism. It is also a fire and burglary resistant safe that looks sleek and is easy to operate.

  • Legacy Plus Safes

    Godrej Security Solutions presents an innovative new offering with its Legacy Plus Safe to help small businesses and jewelers protect their legacy. A smart and economical investment, the safe comes with a double duty barrier and double-walled construction to provide superior resistance against criminal activities. It also comes fitted with all the quality features of our hallmark safes: high precision dual control lock, automatic relocker, flap door top and motion sensor intelligent light, at an affordable price.

  • Defender Safe with Safe Deposit Locker

    Defender Safe with Safe Deposit Locker is a perfect solution where constructing a vault room with a safe deposit locker facility is not possible. Here the lockers are housed inside the safe. This solution caters to the varying needs of bankers and provides different size and locking options.

  • Defender Aurum Nx Double Door Safe

    Godrej Security Solutions’ Defender Aurum NX Double Door Safes can withstand even the most intense modern-day attacks. It is designed to easily fit below the counters of shops so that businesses can secure their valuables without compromising on their display space. The safe offers double door access, as well as enough room to store large quantities of valuables. The wide selection of sizes and certification, ensures we cater to every buyers’ needs. The safe has a fully welded strong seamless body and a high strength door to provide protection against fire and burglary and is ideal for jewellers, precious metal traders and retail establishments.

  • Defender Aurum NX Safes

    Godrej Security Solutions’ Defender Aurum NX Safe has been specially built to help businesses safeguard against burglary threats. The safe is a thief’s nightmare as it can withstand even the most intense form of modern-day attack. It gives the customer peace of mind by keeping valuables protected at all times and is also the most premium offering in its line of safes.

  • Defender Prime Safes

    Defender Prime Safe is one of the latest and premium offerings by Godrej Security Solutions. Designed to combat burglary threats, this one-of-a-kind safe is built with a single piece, wraparound construction to provide utmost safety to customers. Bringing in international quality and looks, to our Indian consumers, the door and body of the safe is armoured with Double Duty Barrier (DDB) material. It is also resistant to torching and drilling. The zinc-plated bolted mechanism offers superior corrosion resistance to this product. The safe comes fitted with dual control high precision 8-lever locks, with an added protection of a drill defeat shield. Multiple additional features or additional secondary locks are also provided that give you the convenience to modify, in line with the requirements that may arise in the future. This safe is a perfect blend of global design and indigenous manufacturing marvel.

  • Defender Prime Neutronics

    Godrej Security Solutions presents the next big thing in the physical security space – Godrej Defender Prime Neutronics. A giant leap from the safes of the past, Godrej Defender Prime Neutronics is built to deter, detect, delay, defend, and deny. This ‘intelligent’ safe uses advanced technology to secure and defend itself against the most intense forms of modern-day attacks. The ultimate in security, Godrej Defender Prime Neutronics can easily sense a threat and alert you, while defending itself with in-built technological reinforcements.

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