Strong Room Door

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  • Superior quality 5 mm thick MS plate in a one piece bent angle door frame
  • A unique two step door construction
  • Godrej Double Duty barrier material provides reliable protection against fire
  • 12 shooting bolts, each of 38mm diameter are provided in front and rear to secure the door
  • Balanced pressure bolt to protect against dislodging attempts by creating equal neutralizing pressure from within
  • Impact resisting shaft for handle which defeats attempts to hammer it in
  • Locks and re-locking devices are protected by specially designed drill-defeat shield
  • Automatic re-locking device deadlocks the door in case of explosives or mechanical attacks
  • Additional re-locking device on primary lock for extra protection
  • Grill gate is secured with high-precision 8-lever lock, and opens on both sides
  • Fitted with two dual control high-precision 8-lever locks from Godrej*
  • A relay micro switch is provided inside to control the lighting inside the vault room
    Tested as per BIS standard IS 11188:2014


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