Godrej Countmatic Currency Counting Machine

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Salient Features

Different modes of operation:

  • Auto / Manual mode – Provides flexibility to novice user tofeed currency in manual mode
  • Count mode – Counting and authentication of notes in single pass
  • Batch mode – Counting in batches of preset count
  • Add mode – Addition of all notes in multiple passes
  • Total value calculation mode – Calculation of total value by manually selecting currency
  • Suitable for most currencies in the world
  • Automatic suspect note detection with UV (Ultraviolet), MG (Magnetic) and MT (Magnetic Thread)
  • Automatic half-note, chained-note, double-note detection with IR (Infrared detection)
  • Audio visual indication – LCD color changes to Red indication after detecting suspect note, half note or errors
  • Beeper
  • Feather-touch keypad
  • Power on self-check function to check multiple parts of machine


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